Our God Saves: Isaiah 12

Isaiah pauses to worship God in light of His promises of salvation, just as we are commanded to worship. In reflection to all God accomplished through Christ we need to stop and give God what He is due in worship.

Easter 2019

Easter celebrates Jesus rising from death. John’s Gospel shares several reactions to the Resurrection, and calls us to identify ourselves in the story by asking what our response is to the living Jesus.

Palm Sunday 2019

Jesus is the King who comes to Rescue and bless his people.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 11

Equally as powerful as John describes in Revelation, Isaiah describes the future reign of Jesus. Isaiah takes us from humble beginnings, to power, justice, and absolute peace. We often view Jesus’ eternal reign to be other-worldly, but the Bible shows us an image of this world redeemed.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 9b-10

Many only view God as loving and gracious. The Bible clearly affirms those attributes, but also shows God’s anger and judgement. The purpose of God’s wrath or judgement is to triumph over sin.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 9

The promise God proclaimed through Isaiah was the that corruption and oppression of the nations would be brought to an end through Jesus.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 8

God’s people are distinct but not distant from the world.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 7-8a

We live in a time similar to that of ancient Judah and Israel, where as a divided nation we often trust in human leadership more than God. God’s warning to the people through Isaiah is a warning to us as well.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 6

Isaiah gives us a clear picture of the gospel and what our response should be. It also contains a warning about the dangers of a cultural religious practice void of true repentance and faith.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 5

God has planted people in this world like a vineyard. The natural outcome should be healthy growth, but sometimes God’s people are like rotten fruit.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 3-4

God will remove anything that stands between himself and his people, even their own pride and possession.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 2

Isaiah calls God’s people back to true worship beginning with the removal of anything that hinders their (or our) faith in God.