Our God Saves: Isaiah 31-32

We all struggle to trust in God and not in human ability. God promises faithfulness and blessing to those (individually and nationally) who trust in Him alone.

Jonah 4

With all that's in you do your best to see your life in Jonah's

Jonah 3

Every Christian serves as an emblem of the resurrected life that comes as a gracious gift of God. We are a trophy of God’s amazing and far reaching grace.

Jonah 2

When the Lord heavily afflicts us, it is a legitimate and seasonable time for prayer. It is out of our own experience of Grace in these times of affliction that we are able to share Gospel Hope with others.

Jonah 1

God is not a reluctant missionary.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 30

Every generation is tempted to find ways to rescue ourselves from the impact of sin in the world, attempting save ourselves from pain and death. Only by turning to God in repentance and resting in His grace can we find salvation.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 29

All who gather today in worship have a common struggle: do our hearts match the words we sing, do we really submit ourselves to the Word of God, or do we just go through the motions? Spiritual hypocrisy is professing one thing but living another.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 28

People throughout history have tried to rescue themselves from death by their own efforts, good works, self-achievement, wealth, power, etc. Salvation is found in Christ alone, and whoever trusts in Jesus will never be shaken.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 27

The Grace of God creates beautiful transformation in his people.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 24

The modern gospel is a message of love, grace, and mercy. The only inclusion of judgement is often only related to those outside of Christ. God will use judgement to purge all the sins of human history and restore life.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 22

Death is a reality we all face. How we live is a choice we all make. Do we see death as a part of God’s plan, and grace as the way we are to all live? Or, do we take this life for granted and waste it on things that cannot last?