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Thank you for your interest!There are two ways you can volunteer your time for the Backpack Drive:

Unpacking and Set-Up
Date/Time: Thursday, August 22nd; 4:00-6:00pm
Location: RSAOR Office:10900 183rd Street Cerritos

Backpack Stuffing & Delivery of Backpacks to Schools

Date/Time:Friday, August 23rd; 9:00-11:00am
Location: RSAOR Office:10900 183rd Street Cerritos

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If you are interested in a community group or discipleship group, please fill out this form!

To sign up for this group, please provide your contact information. You will be notified when there is a meals need. You will receive a link that will direct you to sign up for a need.

Date:Friday,October 4th - Sunday, October 6th
Place:Verdugo Pines Bible Camp
Cost: $175.00

Lodging and meals included in the cost.

Need prayer? We'd love o pray for you!

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