Is Loving Jesus Enough? – What Must I Do To Be A Christian?

What does the Bible say I need to “do” to follow Jesus? Is there a minimum? Are there any requirements? What does it mean to have Jesus as Lord of my life?

Rick Kleine Interview (4-12-16)

Community Group Interview

Is Loving Jesus Enough?: Does God Only Want Good People?

God is loving, so He gives us His righteousness through faith in Jesus.

Are All Sins Equal?

Are all sins equal, or does God treat one sin as greater than another? Are some people more guilty than others in God’s eyes?

Is Loving Jesus Enough?

Is loving Jesus enough to be a Christian? Or, is more required of me?

Risen – Life Impacted by a Living Jesus (Easter 2016)

What would make such a difference in your life today, that it would make you want to learn about Jesus all year long, and give your life to following Him?

Fresh Start – Confession and Worship

Our faith is never perfect. Our best practice is to recognize our brokenness, and then focus our eyes on Jesus, the only perfect example.

Fresh Start – Worship and Repentance

We should look to God's Law/Word for strength & guidance and we should respond to His strength and guidance with worship that honors God and unites His Church.

Fresh Start – Great Accomplishments Through Everyday People

When we as a church serve our community faithfully we can have a great impact by allowing what we have to be multiplied by Jesus for his glory.

Fresh Start – Opposition in the Community

Jesus calls us to be a light to our community. However, we tend to think that because Jesus is sending us, we will not have struggles. We will all face struggles, even when following the will of God.

Fresh Start – Sent To Our Community

As Christians we are “sent” to our community on behalf of Christ. Each follower of Jesus is uniquely gifted and plays an integral role.