“My Moment” Feat. Katelyn Charvet

Generations Church OC presents the "My Moment" series. Our hope and prayer is that whoever sees this knows that they are not alone in their faith journey. Jesus is always with you, even when you cant see Him clearly.

Exodus – Not You, But God

As followers of Jesus, it isn’t about our abilities or talents. It is about who God is and what He can do through you to reveal Himself to others.

Exodus – “Let Me Introduce Myself: I Am”

Christians are defined by Jesus greatest moments, not by our worst moments. When we are called to action it is God who equips us and ensures our success.

Exodus – Where Are You God?

When we think God is no where to be found, He is still present. God is always near us, and might even be orchestrating things we cannot even see yet. 
Finding God in the journey means looking to see Him when times are tough.

Fathers Day 2016 “Godly Men”

God has called men to be Christlike, family-oriented, servant-leaders of their homes, churches, and neighborhoods.

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – What is Tolerance, What is Judgement?

What does God say to the follower of Jesus about being tolerant with others, and what does God say about the judgement of others?

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – What Rules Do I Follow?

As followers of Jesus we are under the authority of God, which includes being under established human authority. Our obedience and demeanor are matters of holiness and mission.

Share Your Story

We want to hear how you came to faith.

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – What Is True Worship?

Jesus gave his entire self for us, so we can give our entire selves in love to him.

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – Is God Enough For My Big Problems?

Two questions seem to flow out of this. Is God big enough to fix my big problems? Is God enough for me, if my big problems don’t get fixed?

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – Is There Hope In This World?

We all endure pain and struggle; some is temporary or situational pain, while other is long-term or lifelong pain. How can we who follow Jesus find hope in this world, and become better messengers of hope to others?

Is Loving Jesus Enough? – Are All Christians Hypocrites?

How do we as Christ-followers deal with the reality of sin, the calling of holiness, and the tendency to be hypocrites, in a way that is honest and glorifies Jesus?