Strengthening The Church – Part 2

Practical thoughts on prayer...get on the bike and ride - examples from Bible and history

Strengthening The Church – Part 1

God sent Jesus into human history to rescue and restore a sinful humanity. All who receive this salvation are sent by God to share this with others. The church is at its best when all of us join this mission.

Bullseye – Part 6

To the same degree that we steward our time, treasures, and talents, we need to steward the spiritual gifts of God to us. Maybe even moreso.

Bullseye – Part 5

Jesus calls us to be disciples who develop other disciples. This starts in our home, moves through our community, and into the entire world.

Bullseye – Part 4

Money from the biblical perspective always begins in your heart, not your behavior. We tend to aim at behaviors without addressing the heart first. Today we begin in the heart, learn through wisdom, and let that challenge behaviors.

Bullseye – Part 3

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare[fn] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jer. 29:11 ESV

Bullseye – Part 2

Everyone has the same amount of hours in their day. As followers of Jesus we see time as something that is given to us by God, has a purpose to it, and can be used to glorify God and enjoy what He has created.

Bullseye – Part 1

If we recognize that tomorrow matters it will change the way we live today!

Christmas Eve 2016

What you know about Christmas, and what you might not know about Christmas.

Redemption – Part 5

Today we look at two men’s approach to the life God gave them (like we did Ruth and Naomi) and the outcome of their choices. Our choices impact our faith.

Redemption – Part 4

We are created to be in relationship. Being “spiritually alone” results in spiritual death. Our faith is relationship rooted in Jesus, and lived out in relationship with others (church). We are a family of families.