Sermon Speaker: Vinnie Hanke

Isaiah 65

Main Idea:
In the midst of a breaking and broken world, we find strength and hope in the fact that God is still saving people.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 38-39

In moments of personal pain and tempting pleasure it can be easy to
doubt God’s goodness and to forget our allegiance to Him. We must remember it is Jesus faithfulness to us and not our faithfulness to him that is the guarantee of our salvation.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 34-35

There are really only two kinds of people in this world, those whose final outcome will be to incur the eternal judgment of God and those whose final outcome will be to enjoy the eternal peace of salvation with God.

Jonah 2

When the Lord heavily afflicts us, it is a legitimate and seasonable time for prayer. It is out of our own experience of Grace in these times of affliction that we are able to share Gospel Hope with others.

Jonah 1

God is not a reluctant missionary.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 27

The Grace of God creates beautiful transformation in his people.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 14

God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Mother’s Day 2019

The gospel of Jesus Christ enables us to truly honor our mothers.

Palm Sunday 2019

Jesus is the King who comes to Rescue and bless his people.

Our God Saves: Isaiah 8

God’s people are distinct but not distant from the world.