Sermon Series: Strengthening the Church

Strengthening the Church – Part 7

The truth of the Gospel is not subject to what we want it to be. It is set by God, and His Word, for us to learn and grow.

Strengthening The Church – Part 6

Today’s Main Idea: If the individuals who make up the church don’t survive spiritual battle, strain, and work; The Church will not survive. The battle is hot, the strain is strenuous, the work is Hard, and survival comes through being strengthened by God’s grace (2 Tim. 2:1). The Church must be strengthened by grace to survive.

Strengthening the Church – Part 5

You (we) are God's plan for the gospel to advance into our community and reach the lost. You have everything you need to accomplish this!

Stregthening the Church – Part 4

The church is made stronger by everyday people not just specific leaders or vocational staff.

Strengthening The Church – Part 3

Some roles in the church require meeting spiritual qualifications, however God calls all of us to these qualifications regardless of a “named role” in the church.

Strengthening The Church – Part 2

Practical thoughts on prayer...get on the bike and ride - examples from Bible and history

Strengthening The Church – Part 1

God sent Jesus into human history to rescue and restore a sinful humanity. All who receive this salvation are sent by God to share this with others. The church is at its best when all of us join this mission.