Sermon Series: Sharing Jesus with Others

Sharing Jesus with Others: Sharing Jesus from Scripture

Join Generations Church and Pastor Joey Venegas as we examine how to share Jesus from scripture.

Sharing Jesus with Others: Seeing People Healed

We get to participate in Jesus healing people of addictions, relationships, guilt and shame, and physical health. Being a part of transforming someone’s life allows us to share Jesus through the process.

Sharing Jesus with Others: Serving People

Serving people in everyday life opens up opportunities for us to show others the goodness and grace of Jesus in tangible ways.

Sharing Jesus with others: Loving Broken People

Loving people in the midst of trials in their lives often opens up opportunities to share Jesus with them, and ultimately offers them healing in Christ.

Sharing Jesus with Others: Sharing Your Story

Sharing the stories of how Jesus has intersected your life, impacting and changing you, is one of the most powerful ways you can share Jesus with others.