Sermon Series: Redemption

Redemption – Part 5

Today we look at two men’s approach to the life God gave them (like we did Ruth and Naomi) and the outcome of their choices. Our choices impact our faith.

Redemption – Part 4

We are created to be in relationship. Being “spiritually alone” results in spiritual death. Our faith is relationship rooted in Jesus, and lived out in relationship with others (church). We are a family of families.

Redemption – Part 3

God provides for Naomi and Ruth in abundant generosity, because God’s nature and character is generous. Our job today is to learn from the visible story what the lesson is for us [upper story/lower story].

Redemption – Part 2

When you are spiritually “broken” (in need, empty) redemption is found in Jesus. We bring our pain and brokenness to Jesus, trusting him to make us whole.

Redemption – Part 1

Christians all struggle with faithfulness. Some have walked away from following Jesus, while others have never known Jesus personally. All of us have the opportunity to start following Jesus in a brand new way today.