Sermon Series: Life

Life – Part 10

How can we be “strong in Lord” when everything else in our life is in our own strength, might, or ability? Ephesians answers that by showing us our weaknesses and what God has done to guard and protect us.

Life – Part 9

We try and find satisfaction in a lot of things: relationships, pleasure, money, stability, work, identity, etc. All these placed rightly in our life are good, but Christ alone is our true source of contentment.

Life – Part 8

In order to live the way Jesus called us to live, we must begin to think the way Jesus taught us to think. What we believe will drive how we live.

Life – Part 7

Ephesians pivots from what Jesus has done for us, to how we are to live in response by equipping us together as a body of believers (church).

Life – Part 6

The gospel is not merely an entry point to our faith, or a door that we walk through on our way toward living better lives. The gospel is not a “Christianity 101” course for beginners and then we graduate onto more complicated things. The gospel of Jesus IS our life.

Life – Part 5

Because of the gospel of God’s grace that has saved us from first to last, we are new creations, as those are born again. As new creations, we become one with those with whom we formerly had hostility against, Starting with God himself. This unifying of the nations under Christ the head becomes a picture of a new humanity, gathered together in the church. Sin’s hostility is removed, and reconciliation between God and man, and peoples who were formerly enemies is on display in the household of God.

Life: Part 4

Our condition apart from Christ is spiritually dead. We must understand both the depth of our sin and our inability to do anything about it. Death is the common condition that everyone share in.

Life – Part 3

Talk about power is common, but are we missing something?

Life – Part 2

Every earthly blessing we seek reflects a spiritual or heavenly blessing that is already available to us.

Life: Part 1

Transformed people transform communities. When the gospel changes people, people impact and change the community.