Sermon Series: King of Peace

Kings & Prophets: 2 Samuel 10-12

Samuel pours his heart out to God’s people at the end of his life, hoping they will honor God in the years to come.

King of Peace – Part 10

“Worship the King” Hebrews 13
The final thoughts in Hebrews are to take all that we have learned and put them into practice in the most effective way. It isn’t a list of moral behaviors but rather what transformation in Christ truly looks like in us.

King of Peace – Part 9

Christians look to Jesus who endured suffering and pain in this world for us, so that we might be encouraged to endure hardship for the sake of reaching the lost around us.

King of Peace – Part 8

Hebrews 11

Followers of Jesus share in a long, even ancient, history of the family of faith—men and women who received the grace of God, trusted the character of God, heeded the voice of God, and awaited the promises of the very end.

King of Peace – Part 7

Jesus takes us beyond religious rules and order. In Christ the promises of our faith are about us being transformed inwardly, remaking us into who we were designed to be.

King of Peace – Part 6

At the Fall of Humanity, sin caused all human beings to be eternally separated from God. The gospel is God providing a way for human beings to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

King of Peace – Part 5

Hebrews teaches us that the promises of the gospel (new covenant) are built on the accomplishments of Jesus and the faithfulness of God. Consider Jesus as the mediator (attorney), God as judge, and the verdict as eternity.

King of Peace – Part 4

Jesus, the King of Righteousness and the King of Peace, is a high priest forever.
This is good news if you’re tired of broken leaders, broken promises, and broken laws.

King of Peace – Part 3

Jesus entered into God’s presence as both mediator and sacrifice: as mediator Jesus made peace between God and His Children, as sacrifice He bore our penalty and removed our sin from us.

King Of Peace – Part 2

A Christian is not someone born into a Christian family or follows a set of doctrines and rules. A Christian is someone who follows the Person of Jesus Christ the Son of God.