Sermon Series: It's Not Your Treasure to Bury

It’s Not Your Treasure To Bury

The Bible speaks more about money than any other resource God gives us. Money reveals more about Gospel, faith, idolatry, obedience, and heart, than anything else. As challenging as this subject may be, tithing to the church is a gospel discipleship issue.

It’s Not Your Treasure To Bury

We can practice offering our life by following 5 points. This will be a time of self-reflection where we will be able to look back on our past experiences, present desires, and current opportunities. What might you be able to discern about God’s will for your life?

It’s Not Your Treasure to Bury

Jesus Gives Everyone Resources For His Glory
We have all been given talents, abilities, resources, and gifts, for the building of Christ's Kingdom. We live as if what we have is simply ours to do with as we please, but Jesus makes it clear that what He has given us is for His purposes.