Sermon Book: Luke

Good Friday 2021

Beyond the events that take place at Golgotha are all the people surrounding Jesus, and what their responses are to the crucifixion.

Advent: Love

We can feel dark and alone when things are not going “our way”, however God’s love shines the brightest when we see His plans accomplished in us.

It’s Not Your Treasure To Bury

The final words of Jesus in the Gospels and Acts emphasize sending us into the world as messengers to proclaim the gospel (Mark), make disciples (Matthew), baptize (Matthew & Mark), and that the Holy Spirit empowers us for this gospel work (Luke, John, & Acts). The gospel is to be shared, not buried.

Waiting for Jesus in a Chaotic World Pt. 4

Join Pastor Vinnie and Generations Church as we find out that the grace of God can save anyone from anywhere from anything at anytime.

Waiting for Jesus in a Chaotic World Pt. 3

The birth of Jesus as Savior, Christ and Lord makes outsiders become insiders.

Waiting for Jesus in a Chaotic World – Pt. 1

What are you hoping and waiting for this Christmas? Is it for Christ to make Himself more present to you? Anything else is misplaced hope. Any other waiting and longing will inevitably disappoint.