Sermon Book: Ecclesiastes

Wisdom – Ecclesiastes 8-12

Ecclesiastes 8-12

FEAR OF THE LORD Wisdom literature commonly speaks about having a fear of the Lord. Christianity often waters this down and misses how it can shape our lives.

Wisdom – Ecclesiastes 1-2

Ecclesiastes 1-2

Christian wisdom is about applying God’s eternal truths to our everyday lives. Our goal should be to live a life that leaves a legacy that will last into eternity.

It’s Not Your Treasure to Bury

God has given everyone the same amount of hours in their day. As followers of Jesus we see time as something that has a purpose to it. We should make time to glorify God, and to enjoy what He has created

Time Talent Treasure Pt. 1

Time - Ecclesiastes 3:1-17
Humanity is created to glorify God in our time. That means living life prioritizing our time in ways that accomplish all we are created to do.