Generations Church,

We know the flow of information is confusing at times, so we just want to make sure you know what we are doing. The President identified church worship gatherings as “essential” (churches were already identified as essential services, but the worship gatherings were not). He asked that the state governors allow churches to open for worship. Governor Newsome said he will present guidelines to churches on Monday, so we are hopeful that we will learn how and when we can open safely. We will communicate out on all platforms after that so you don’t have to wonder what we are doing each week.

Please remember that we have not been asked to cease worshiping, or to stop living out our faith, but rather we were only asked not to gather “in person” until it is safer. We are not compromising our faith by meeting online in the interim, but rather being obedient to Scripture (see Romans 13:1, Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13). Please be patient, as the end is now coming into sight.

We will be together soon, and our submission to God is being shown by our submission to authority. We will remain obedient to God, loving the most vulnerable, and being a good witness to all for the sake of Christ.

Generations Church