In case you missed it, here is a letter with the most recent updates:


Church Family,

I have some good news to share that impacts how we meet and gather as a church. First, the Coronavirus numbers are going down and the metrics we (church elders) follow are all very positive. We are not anywhere near post-virus yet, obviously, but we are back to a place where things are manageable in Southern CA. Governor Gavin Newsome officially lifted the stay-at-home directives Monday, and businesses that were impacted are now starting to open back up. The number that is the most hopeful for me is that ICU hospital beds will have one third empty or available in the next three weeks! That is a very positive outlook for February.

As promised, the elders have been watching the trends and meeting about our church ministries. Here are three changes that are coming your way that I want to make you aware of.

  1. Worship services will continue to be held online, as well as resume outdoor services, starting February 7th, 2021 (Superbowl Sunday!). 
  2. Community Groups will all offer an online option, and those who desire to add gatherings in their backyards will do so as they are comfortable. 
  3. Ministries will start to look at what they are doing, and what might be appropriate to do, online and in person. 

If you have questions please let me know. You can reach me at

I hope to see you online and in person soon!

Pastor Jeff