Pastor’s Corner

Pastor's Corner

January 23, 2023


Through much prayer and seeking God, our elders have a strong and clear vision about caring for and fostering healthy FAMILIES within our church and surrounding community. We are casting a new vision for our family ministry here at Generations Church as a whole, and we have been seeking a qualified, caring and wise person to fill a very important role as our new Family Pastor.

We’re so excited to share that God has led us to a very special person to help us in this new family-focused direction. Please join us with a very warm welcome to: Pastor Jonathan Detlefsen, his wife Jennifer, and their four lovely children.

Pastor Jon‘s goal is to equip parents to live out the life God has called them to. “Parents have the strongest and most influential role in a child’s life. I want to help provide the tools needed for parents and families in this growing church. The more the world and worldly culture influences the church, the less influential the church will be. My hope is to apply the experience I have to help Generations transition throughout this entire process and support the church however I can do to nurture the next generation.” – Pastor Jon

So, What about Your Wife Jennifer?

“My wife, Jennifer, is brilliant. There’s no way I could manage this ministry without her. We are both first generation Christians, and we are immensely grateful to see the fruit of building our family in The Lord and His ways. We want to extend everything we’ve learned to help others too.”

How Are You Qualified for this Role?

“My ministry career has been a whirlwind, in a good way. I’ve served everywhere from an administrative assistant to associate pastor to lead pastor and now, my role as a family life pastor. I have extensive experience overseeing all Sunday school programs and youth ministry. I was in this role at a different church, and at that time the lead pastor there felt the same call as Pastor Jeff. I was the person that worked through all the intricacies with them and figured out a plan on what it looked like and how to transition. I like to think that I put wheels on the wagon that he started to build.”

What about Your Family?

“I like to think that your family is who you and your spouse will make it to be. What’s important to you will be important to your kids. We should think deeply and take accountability for the impact we have on our children’s lives. My wife Jennifer and I have been blessed with four awesome kids, and we try our best to apply this notion every day, of course with God’s wisdom and help.”

We’re so excited to have Pastor Jon as our new Family Pastor at Generations Church. Send Pastor Jon a welcome email at