Connecting Points

It’s our great pleasure to have you join us at Generations Church! We know being new to a church can sometimes be confusing. That’s why we’ve developed a pathway for you to learn more about us and us to learn about you. Its called Connecting Points. Each step of Connecting Points helps you become a participant in what Jesus is doing at Generations Church.

Email with your questions or sign-up for our next session.

Step 1First Sundays

You have a story and questions. We want to hear and share. Connecting Points, Step 1 plays the role of introduction. The pastoral team would love to meet you and interact with you. Step 1 also provides a basic introduction to the vision, mission, and leadership of Generations Church. The history of our church is a fascinating saga of Jesus at work in and through people like you. Come join us as we follow Jesus together.

Step 2Second Sundays

Following Jesus requires a community of his people. Connecting Points, Step 2 orients you to the community and ministries at Generations church. We want you to know how to grow as a disciple, how our different ministries play a role, and where to find information. Step 2 helps you find a Community Group, discover additional community opportunities, and utilize a couple online tools to stay up-to-date on everything Generations.

Step 3Third Sundays

The church needs you and you need the church. Connecting Points, Step 3 provides a personalized assessment of your spiritual gifts. We know the church family flourishes when every participant serves with the gifts God has given. Step 3 walks you through God’s design for the church, shows how your gifts play a specific role in the growth of the church, and helps you connect with a Serve Team and other opportunities to use your gifts.