Gatherings (old 8/29/2022)

Service Times:

Sundays @ 10am


Live via Facebook, Vimeo, and our website
Available via Youtube


We will be meeting in person on Sunday mornings in our church Sanctuary. We have one service that will meet at 10 am both online and in-person.

We are also providing a drive-in option where you can park in our lot on Sunday mornings and tune into your car radio @ 88.9 FM.

As of 8/29/21, we will be meeting for online and outdoor services.



We will be meeting indoors and online for two services at 9am and 11am starting 3/21/21.


Church Family,

I have some good news to share that impacts how we meet and gather as a church. First, the Coronavirus numbers are going down and the metrics we (church elders) follow are all very positive. We are not anywhere near post-virus yet, obviously, but we are back to a place where things are manageable in Southern CA. Governor Gavin Newsome officially lifted the stay-at-home directives Monday, and businesses that were impacted are now starting to open back up. The number that is the most hopeful for me is that ICU hospital beds will have one third empty or available in the next three weeks! That is a very positive outlook for February.

As promised, the elders have been watching the trends and meeting about our church ministries. Here are three changes that are coming your way that I want to make you aware of.

  1. Worship services will continue to be held online, as well as resume outdoor services, starting February 7th, 2021 (Superbowl Sunday!). 
  2. Community Groups will all offer an online option, and those who desire to add gatherings in their backyards will do so as they are comfortable. 
  3. Ministries will start to look at what they are doing, and what might be appropriate to do, online and in person. 

If you have questions please let me know. You can reach me at

I hope to see you online and in person soon!

Pastor Jeff


Generations Family,

The elders met last night (Jan. 7th) to pray and discuss the best way to serve our church in these challenging times. As you are probably aware, we are experiencing record high Coronavirus numbers in Southern CA. Last Sunday we had our lowest outdoor attendance yet due to concerns over the Coronavirus. Many of you remain home for the sake of your health, or for the health of others, and we thank you for your loving sacrifice for one another.

We decided to proactively discontinue our outdoor worship for the next couple weeks. We will then re-evaluate the situation and make a decision as to whether or not to resume gathering. Two key factors motivated the decision: the health care system in our counties are being overrun with Coronavirus, and churches are experiencing outbreaks at their in-person gatherings. We also want to care for the health-workers who are working tirelessly right now, and are far from the finish line.

Our commitment to you:

  1. We are going to diligently watch the virus condition locally, with a specific emphasis on the trends in outbreaks and healthcare capacity.
  2. We will bring back Generations in-person gatherings (worship, Community Groups, youth groups, etc.) as quickly as is safely possible. We don’t want to remain limited to online or at distance any longer than necessary.
  3. We deeply desire to do the right thing for everyone, even when uncomfortable or unpopular. Please know we love you and want what is best for us all.

We have first hand accounts of local churches with outdoor services like ours experiencing outbreaks at their church. Last night elders at a church we partner with met to close their in-person gatherings due to an outbreak in their church (everyone on their staff tested positive last week except one person!). We want to prevent Generations from being the next church to experience that. We would regret not acting.

In December the Supreme Court decided that states or counties cannot prohibit gathering for worship gatherings, leaving our church leadership the responsibility of discerning when and how we limit ourselves. With prayer we ask that you join us in being overly cautious for the good of our community and beyond. If you have any questions please ask.


Generations Family Church Elders


We will be meeting for an in-person outdoor service and online service. They will both be on Sundays @ 10am.


Generations Church Family,

Due to all the restrictions on church worship gatherings in California, we are going to revert back to online services only. We will gather each week via livestream at 10am until we can safely gather again, worship with singing, and hopefully celebrate the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism.

Currently, about three quarters of our church livestreams the service each week. Now, with the additional restriction of no worship (singing), we had to choose either to eliminate worship or go back to everyone online. We felt it was best to revert back to online services only.

We love gathering together, and we believe deeply in the call to worship as a community. Hear the words of the psalmist, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” [Psalm 100:1-2].

We have remained consistent as a church, balancing the tensions of our faith to be good witnesses for Christ, being submitted to authority, and caring for the vulnerable. Our values remain the same. We honor God by our obedience and witness to the world. It is important for everyone to know we are not being asked to NOT worship God. We are being asked not to sing together for a short time. Most of our church is still not comfortable worshiping together with others in church, so we are just making the logical conclusion to go back to online services only.

Isaiah teaches us to “Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth; break forth, O mountains, into singing! For the Lord has comforted his people and will have compassion on his afflicted.” [49:13]. We will continue to do so digitally, rather than give up something so precious to our faith.

If you have any questions please let us know. We will update families on what we are doing for kids as well. Please be on the look out for app notifications on your phone, and/or emails from us as a church.

Pastor Jeff


As you may have heard, we will be having in-person services in our building starting this Sunday, June 7th. We will be taking our first steps in opening up our building. That being said, meeting right now will not look like how it did before. There are restrictions the state has placed and precautions we are planning to take for your safety. 

Starting this Sunday, we will be having 2 services: one at 9am and one at 11am. These services will be the same with the exception of the 11am service having a 10-minute children’s message incorporated into the service.

As we open our doors, our state has given us some guidelines to follow. Before you come into the building, we will be checking your temperature for a fever. If you have a fever, we ask that you stay home. As much as we want to see you, we will not be allowing those with a fever into the building. While in the building, we ask that you practice social distancing. This means keeping 6ft between you and others (who are not a part of your household).

We will have the Sanctuary, Cafe, and Restrooms open for you. We will be closing off the classrooms, office, playground, and kitchen. We will be allowing one person at a time in the restroom in order to maintain social distancing. The Sanctuary will be a space where masks will be required. If you prefer not to wear a mask, we will have the Cafe open for you. As you enter the Sanctuary or Cafe, please wait for a volunteer to seat you.

Unfortunately, we will not have the classrooms open for GenKids as a precaution. We do ask that if you have children, that they would stay with you during service. Look out for an email from Ms. Brooke about activities your kids can do during service.

As a precaution, we will not be providing any refreshments on Sunday mornings. Please feel free to bring your own coffee/tea. Likewise, we will not be keeping Bibles and connection cards in the seats, in order to limit the usage of multitouch items. We encourage you to bring your Bibles from home. If you don’t own a Bible, we would be more than happy to give you one. Having our church App on your phone is a helpful tool as it has a built-in Bible, the notes from the sermon, and a place for you to check-in.

For your protection, we will be sanitizing and cleaning surfaces between services. If you are planning on returning to church and are comfortable volunteering, we have volunteer needs in the area of hospitality and cleaning. Please contact if you are interested.

As you can see, we are not able to open up fully as of now. Hopefully, as more information on vaccines and treatment for CoViD19 come out, we will be able to slowly go back to meeting as we did before.

As for now, we will meet in the best way we can. If you don’t feel comfortable coming back to the church building, we still want to care for you. We will be providing online services via Facebook and Vimeo. In fact, as much as we would love to see everyone in person again, we want to encourage you to stay home during this season for your protection, if you can.

For those of you who are planning on joining us on Sunday, we can’t wait to see you.


Join us online this Sunday, May 31st. We will be having in-person services starting Sunday, June 7th.


We know the flow of information is confusing at times, so we just want to make sure you know what we are doing. The President identified church worship gatherings as “essential” (churches were already identified as essential services, but the worship gatherings were not). He asked that the state governors allow churches to open for worship. Governor Newsome said he will present guidelines to churches on Monday, May 25th, so we are hopeful that we will learn how and when we can open safely. We will communicate out on all platforms after that so you don’t have to wonder what we are doing each week.

Please remember that we have not been asked to cease worshiping, or to stop living out our faith, but rather we were only asked not to gather “in person” until it is safer. We are not compromising our faith by meeting online in the interim, but rather being obedient to Scripture (see Romans 13:1, Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13). Please be patient, as the end is now coming into sight.

We will be together soon, and our submission to God is being shown by our submission to authority. We will remain obedient to God, loving the most vulnerable, and being a good witness to all for the sake of Christ.